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The main strand from research into Placement orientated material tends to show the more practical aspect that deals with placements in a Higher Educational setting. Researching further to show the project over a wider perspective, there is also evidence of placement experience used in society for other age ranges or situations, as well as a theoretical strand as to the reasoning behind this practice.
Researched data kindly provided by David Cullen.

Placement Overviews
Researched articles for placements - in the more general sense, and showing how the trend of Placement Learning has developed within education over the past 15 years. Placement Overviews

Placements and the University
Placements organised within the Higher Educational sector for the benefit of students aiming to get a 'taste' of a possible career, through doing a placement whilst at university. Placements & University

Placement Experience in Wider Society
Researched examples of how placements are used within a wider society, within schools, manual trades, and work experience. Placements & Wider Society

Knowledge, Education and Lifelong Learning.
Academic papers and articles discussing the arguments both for and against placements within education, as well as within the wider society. Knowledge Education & Lifelong Learning