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Placement Student Process

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This project has completed all its placements so we are not looking for further students at this time. This page is for information only.
For academic departments wishing to develop placement learning within their own institution, a dedicated academic resources area exists. Documents within this site can be used as templates. All we ask is that you acknowledge our project – please refer to our copyright statement.

This was your opportunity to experience politics in action. This was an ideal and exciting way to see how the concepts and issues you are studying, play out in practice. Research-based placement learning is an opportunity for you to:

Student placements were the central element of the Scholarship of Engagement for Politics project. We worked with second year undergraduate Politics students from Coventry, Warwick and Oxford Brookes universities, and with a variety of political actors and organizations, from MPs, MEPs, district councillors and local government offices through to NGOs, and other voluntary sector bodies.

A submission of application should only be sent if you are serious about undertaking a placement. Any placement requires a considerable commitment by you, and you will be acting as an ambassador for your university.

For more information and details of the Placement Partnership, each university has its own guidance booklet:

For Coventry University - .doc format (319Kb)
For Oxford Brookes University - .doc format (320Kb)
For University of Warwick - .doc format (322Kb)
To apply, please complete the application form and submit to your University co-ordinator for the placement (as detailed in the guidance booklet) Student Application Form (.doc format, 47Kb).

How you should prepare for the placement experience.
Health & Safety Guidance:
It is important that you attend briefings prior to the placement, as Health & Safety issues will be discussed. It is also important to familiarise yourself with the Health and Safety aspect of the placement, in particular the placement provider's responsibilities. It is essential that you inform the placement organiser of any health issues, including disability, which may require reasonable adjustments. The Health and Safety Guidance documents have been developed in accordance with the draft guidelines produced by the Universities' Safety and Health Association. For full information concerning Health & Safety for students on placement see
Health & Safety guidance for Students (.doc format, 318Kb).

Placement Assessment:
The nature of the task to be undertaken whilst on placement will have been negotiated in advance by your module/course tutor and the placement provider. You should clarify what is expected on the first day of your placement, and ensure that the precise details are recorded in the Partnership Agreement. If you have any queries whether the research undertaken on your placement satisfies the formal requirements of your module or course, then contact your tutor immediately.

Partnership Agreement:
The Partnership Agreement between the university, placement provider and student has been developed in accordance with the Quality Assurance Agency's code of practice on placement learning. All terms and conditions are set out on the agreement form, which is signed by all three parties, namely; student, university tutor, placement provider. Partnership Agreement (.doc format, 358Kb)

Student Placement Experience - Blog record:
A blog system has been set up for placement students, to encourage you to reflect upon your placement experience. You should enter your thoughts on the blog at the end of each day of your placement. Questions will occasionally be asked on the blog from your module tutor to encourage deeper thought about your designated tasks. Warwick Blog

Student Placement Debriefing:
After you have completed the placement, you may be interviewed by your tutor. Suggestions of the type of questions that could be asked are included here. Student Placement De-Briefing (.doc format, 20Kb)