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Placement Providers Process

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This project has completed all its placements so we are not looking for further placement providers at this time. This page is for information only.
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Placement Providers:
There are many advantages of a placement student working with you.
This was your opportunity to:

For application as a placement provider, please complete the application form Application Form (.doc format, 304Kb).

The Scholarship of Engagement for Politics project provided the student and placement provider with full pre-placement briefings, along with support (both on-line and in person) during the placement itself.

For more information and details of the placement partnership please see Information for Placement Providers (.doc format, 299Kb).

Provision of a Placement Provider
Health & Safety Guidance:
Placement providers were expected to provide a duty of care towards the student. The Scholarship of Engagement Project will prepare the student, and make them aware of the Health & Safety aspects that they should expect in the placement. You, the placement provider were expected to treat any students the same way as any employee, with regards to their Health and Safety, and welfare. You were also expected to provide them with an induction for the workplace on Health & Safety matters, including fire regulations etc.
Health & Safety Guidance for Placement Providers (.doc format, 300Kb).

For more information on how the Health and Safety document was devised Health and Safety information.

Student Provision:
Through negotiation with the University tutor co-ordinating the placement or the Project Manager, you would agree upon the specific tasks to be undertaken by the student, ensuring that these meet the assessment requirements of the placement for the student, and your specific needs.

On the first day of the placement, a Partnership Agreement form would be signed. The Agreement sets out all of the terms and conditions related to the placement including each parties' responsibilities and is signed by all three parties, namely: the student, the university tutor and the placement provider. Partnership Agreement (.doc format, 350Kb).

Placement Debriefing:
You will be asked to complete a short questionnaire on your experience of the student placement, either by e-mail or over the phone.
Placement Provider De-Briefing (.doc format, 27Kb).