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Information for Academic Departments

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With all templates used, the source must be acknowledged, as is usual in academic practice. The project team can take no responsibility for the use of the project templates in other institutions and each user should ensure that the documents adhere to any regulations within their own University before use. The project team does its best to ensure that all information on the site is accurate, however we make no representations that information is accurate and up to date or complete and accept no liability for any loss or damage caused by inaccurate information. We also accept no liability and offer no warranties in relation to it and its content, to the fullest extent as such liability can be excluded by law, to any page where there are downloadable templates. e.g. this page.

For those academics who are interested in introducing placement learning: These are the Scholarship of Engagement templates that were used throughout the project that you might find useful. Please note that the project has finished its last placement round, and these forms are for academic resources only. A visual flow chart of the documents used in the placement process to support the placement text is available, however, this is best viewed in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Visual Flow Chart of Placement Documents.

Organising the placement guidelines
Information for Prospective Students: This form was created to inform students about the project placement, and how the placement will integrate with a module they are studying. Because of details differing for the three universities, three versions were created:
For Coventry University - .doc format (319Kb)
For Oxford Brookes University - .doc format (319Kb)
For University of Warwick - .doc format (324Kb)

Partnership Agreement:
The Partnership Agreement between the universities, placement providers and students closely follows the structure and text of the Quality Assurance Agency's code of practice on placement learning.
All terms and conditions are set out on the agreement form, which is signed by all three parties, namely; the student, the universities and the placement provider - all agreeing to the terms of the placement. This should be signed when the student begins the placement. -
Partnership Agreement (.doc format, 349Kb).

Information for Placement Providers:
This explains details of the project and the placement partnership. - Information for Placement Providers (.doc format, 299Kb).

Health & Safety Guidance for Placement Providers:
This guide sets out the health and safety responsibilities of the placement provider. The project prepares the student, by making them aware of any health and safety aspects they should expect in the placement. Placement providers are expected to treat students as if they would any employee, with regards to their health, safety and welfare, including an induction for the workplace on health and safety matters, including fire regulations etc. - Health & Safety Guidance for Placement Providers (.doc format, 299Kb).

Health & Safety Guidance for Students:
This Health and Safety Guidance document is specifically for students was taken from draft guidelines produced by the Universities' Safety and Health Association, with minor amendments. - Health & Safety guidance for Students (.doc format, 318Kb).

The Application process
For Placement Providers:
A Placement Providers Application form for provisionally interested placement providers to apply to be a placement provider on the project. - Placement Providers Application form (.doc format, 297Kb).

For Students:
A Student Application form to enable students to apply for a placement. - Student Application Form (.doc format, 47Kb).

Running the Placement process:
Before the first day of the placement, a Partnership Agreement form should be signed. The Agreement sets out all of the terms and conditions related to the placement including each party's responsibilities and is signed by all three parties, namely: the Student, The Project and the Placement Provider - all agreeing to the terms of the placement. - Partnership Agreement (.doc format, 349Kb).

Whilst on placement the student was added to a blog system, specifically set up for the placement students, to encourage them to record their daily placement experiences. The Project Director used the blog to occasionally set questions for the placement students, encouraging them to think more deeply about their placement tasks. - Warwick Blogs

Completing the Placement process:
Both the student and placement provider would need to be de-briefed after the placement has finished.

Placement Provider Debriefing:
The placement provider will be expected to answer a short questionnaire, concerning their experience of the student placement, either by e-mail or over the phone. - Placement Provider De-Briefing (.doc format, 27Kb).

Student Placement Debriefing:
The student, after completing the placement, will be interviewed by members of the project team and asked about their experiences. For an example of the type of questions asked - Student Placement De-Briefing (.doc format, 26Kb).

Personal Data Consent:
This form was used to obtain students' permission to use extracts from their blogs, interviews and other data provided through the placement process. The form was approved by Coventry University's Data Protection Officer. - Personal Data Consent form (.doc format, 35Kb).