Scholarship of Engagement for Politics

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Acronyms and Useful Terms

ASET: Association for Sandwich Education & Training.

CAIPE: UK Centre for the Advancement of Inter-professional Education.

CETL: Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

CSAP: Case Based Learning in Politics.

FDTL: Framework for the Development of Teaching and Learning.

GSA: Global Studies Association.

HEA: Higher Education Authority.

HEIs: Higher Education Institutions.

HEFCE: Higher Education Funding Council for England.

HERO: Higher Education Research Opportunities in the UK.

ICED: International Consortium for Educational Development.

LET: Learning from Experience Trust.

MPs: Members of Parliament.

MEPs: Members of the European Parliament.

NGOs: Non Governmental Organisations.

PARLE: Politics Active Research Learning Environment.

PIPE: Promoting Inter-Professional Education.

POLIS: Politics On-line Learning and Citizenship Skills.

PREPOL: Developing a Pre-entry and initial guidance Page for the study of Politics and International Relations.

PRHE: Pedagogical Research in Higher Education.

PSA: Political Studies Association.

SEDA: Staff and Educational Development Association.

SRHE: Society for Research into Higher Education.

UVAC: University Vocational Awards Council.